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mScore.js Showcase

This page demonstrates the capabilities of the JavaScript library mScore.js by displaying the musical scores of a number of classical pieces. Select a piece from the drop-down list below and load it. The button “Display source file” will pop up the loaded piece’s source file in mScore.js’s source format.

Once a piece has been loaded it can also be played using mScore.js’s playback module (see the playback controls in the lower right).

The interaction module is also included, enabling the user to highlighting items by hovering over them. Clicking a chord/note plays it.

Traditional musical typesetting uses a very large number of special features and notational conventions which have not all been implemented yet in mScore.js. Therefore some of the showcased scores are incomplete in some details. mScore.js is a work in progress, expect regular improvements and updates.

Current version: ???© Florian Käferböck