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mScore.js interactive manual

Welcome to the interactive online manual for the mScore.js musical typesetting package. These pages will teach you how to read and write musical scores for display with mScore.js.

This manual is intended for musicians and content-producers and requires no knowledge of web design (HTML, JavaScript), computer programming, or the XML file format which mScore.js uses to store score files. However, it assumes that you are familiar with musical terminology and the rules and traditions of musical typesetting. A course in musical theory or notation would be far beyond the scope of this manual! On the other hand as a musician you will likely find the way scores are written in mScore.js highly intuitive and straightforward.

If you are a developer or web designer seeking to integrate mScore.js in a project or website, or just want to have a look at mScore.js’s technical details, please refer to the section Resources for software developers on the main page.

This manual consists of the following pages:

The manual pertains to the current version of mScore.js, which is ??.

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